"Game of Thrones" Rap Battle - Партия Дени

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Текст песни Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series - Season Finale Trailer

VARYS Seven hells
ROBB Who is that?
ROBERT Its the Targaryen girl
JOFFREY Sound the alarms
ROBERT Shes come to take back the Seven Kingdoms.
ROBB Well, its more like six Kingdoms now.
JOFFREY Hide me with the children
ROBB You know since we seceded.
JOFFREY Im pooping
ROBB She should take the other six. Why not?
ROBERT Shut up Joffrey, you weird little shit

DENY I got dragons, bitch.
I started out with nothin but a shitty older brother in a Pentos penthouse,
I got pimped out to a Dothraki warlord with a horde full of slave-takin thugs,
Fuckin like dogs in public.
Queen of the savages, got three dragon eggs, ate a hourse heart, took it down,
Didnt throw up got knoked up, but I mistakenly traded in the fate of the baby,
And put my nubby in a coma.

Smothered his ass, and build a funeral pyre, tool the blood magic witch,
Burned the bitch alive, climbed in-side and fried eggs awhile
From the ash came my naked ass and three reptiles.
Touchin my kids? Betta ask me Im the Motha of Dragons, Pyat Pree, yeah, that freak.
Ybetta come at me with more than a manticore fyou wanna blast me.

JORAH Khaleesi
DENY You got a dirty mouth, yeah, tou best sit down before I go to town
With some Valiyrian, you bout to fear me when I turn and burn this mothafucka to the ground.
Im Stormborn, comin out the flames kill the masters, free the slaves
From Qarth to Braavos, and Slavers Bay every bitch crackin whips gonna know my name
JORAH Khaleesi
DENY Send a raven to Westeros cause Im puttin three dragons in a big-ass boat.
You betta tell the usurpers that Im comin to take back the realm and the Iron Thron...
Like a hound takes a bitch.
Happy Birthday


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