Aysel Teymurzade - Falling

Aysel Teymurzade - Falling

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Текст песни Aysel Teymurzade - Fallin (lyric)

I never want to be all alone
Never go away
I found the only place where I belong
Boy, you know just what to say
You're the only one that holds the key
To unlock my door
So open up the gates and set me free
And I'll love you even more


We're falling together
I'm calling your name forever
So take me to heaven
Tell me I'm yours forever
We're falling, caress me
Touch me and say you love me
So take me to heaven
And tell me I'm yours forever

Verse 2

Could you be the only one for me
Tell me what you feel
I want you to be honest and for real
Lets kiss and close the deal
How can I be the one that makes you smile
Light your face up like the sun
My love is innocent just like a child
Let me be the only one


If only you would come to realize
We are made just for eachother
And we can make it work and last forever...


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